Welcome to My Website

The purpose of this site is two fold. First and foremost, it's my little corner of the web I've carved out for the purposes of sharing content that is positive-natured. As a person that has overcome many setbacks in life, along with the current political climate of the United States, I feel it's important that there exist sources of positive emotional energy. That said, I am always looking to learn about peoples personal stories of perseverance and ask that if you find an article or story, or have written a blog post you'd like me to post, just contact me and I will do it!

The Other Reason for This Website...

I am an internet marketer that specializes in lead generation for contractors. That said, my team can produce leads in just about any niche. We also focus on SEO, Maps marketing, and the various forms of Paid Advertising.  Please check out the Professional Services page or simply shoot me an email, and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for spending a few moments on the site and be sure to check often as new content is created, curated, and shared on MarckBrown.com.